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OUPINKE Crystal Diamond


Are you looking for luxury to wear on your wrist?

You have found the watch that will make you the center of attention in all circumstances

and places.


The four crystal real diamonds will make the watch a beauty for the eyes.

From Switzerland mechanical art.




Switzerland certified craftsmanship, this is a self-winding watch, using a precision original

automatic mechanical movement, composed of 21 rubies, powerful power and

a 45-hour battery life.



The designer devotes his efforts to the watch details-the tungsten steel strap and double folding

movement will bring you high-quality enjoyment.

Can be used as a daily watch.



Traditional chronograph design and flywheel design to make the watch full of classic fashion sense

and special luster of the tungsten steel strap.

Highly recommended.


Exquisite dress up elements, carefully carved, set off the overall beauty, brings you

a new visual experience and top brand quality.


Triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirror, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant,

with luminous pointer analog display.



Durable tungsten steel band, using high-gloss cutting technology, hidden safty butterfly

pushed buttons, prevent perspiration.



Stainless steel bezel with high-precision seamless technology, mechanical watch

with annual calendar, monthly calendar, day of the week, calendar, 24-hour display and

luminous hands and waterproof 50m (160 Ft).


Generally can withstand high pressure and waterproof for hand washing, cold bath,

and car washing.


Tourbillon skeleton design,well-made, beautiful in appearance, you can choose from four watches

in white, blue, green, black, gold or silver.

The original mechanical movement is durable and stable, with a life span of more than ten years. 

The wrist movement will continue to wind the watch and wear it normally every day.

It also supports manual winding, rotating the crown clockwise 30 to 35 times a day,

and can maintain 48 hours of kinetic energy.



Classic watches are suitable for your beloved self, husband, father, brother, boyfriend.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor sports, such as running, Christmas, Valentine's Day,

birthday, father's day, wedding, business event, and gift giving.





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