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Pagani Fashion Style


Here is another jewel in our collection.

A special watch with a special ultra attractive design.

Beautiful, charming, technological, modern.

Unique features that distinguish our watches from all others.

Because our watches are selected for you by a professional team of experienced master watchmakers,

who are aware that quality and shape and materials are an indispensable peculiarity.

Enjoy the pictures of this gorgeous watch.


The watch uses the automatic movement imported from Japan, and the dial and bezel are made of brown aluminum.

It reproduces the "tropical" hue that the vintage watch has presented over the years.

Provides accurate time without battery, and the timepiece is powered by the natural movement of the arm.


This men's automatic watch uses sapphire glass and mesh strap.

The crown with gear makes it easy to adjust the time and date.

The watch is suitable for many leisure and business places, and the mechanical watch can be worn anytime, anywhere.


Our automatic mechanical watch has a 100-meter waterproof performance.

The 100-meter waterproof watch can cope with most situations in life, such as washing your face,

washing your hands and swimming.

However, it is not recommended to wear the watch during hot baths and diving.


Best gift for men.

This automatic stainless steel watch is packed in a beautiful gift box and is a luxurious and fashionable gift

for friends, fathers, colleagues and husbands.


The Pagani design watch is equipped with a super luminous dial, a sea-water resistant stainless steel case and band,

as well as a rotating ceramic bezel with marking at 60 minutes.


Synthetic sapphire crystal curved mirror, has a very high light transmission, the hardness of the sapphire

is the second after the diamond, making your watch more durable and resistant to scratches and refraction.


Japan self winding movement very delicate and accurate.

Because the rotor is connected to the manual parts, the rotor rotates

with every movement of the wrist, transferring energy to the mainspring.



As you wear it, it will automatically continue to wind more, no battery needed;

if you wear it less than 10 hours a day, you can manually wind it up to get energy for the watch.

Please rotate the crown about 20 laps when using the watch for the first time.


Original stainless steel solid band is heavier than other band, and it is also stronger and more durable.

It can be used permanently if carefully maintained.


The band that use the wire drawing process are more textured and show more grade and status;

the dial markers and hands can glow at night, absorbing enough light to show a super luminous effect. 



If you're looking for class and glamour


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